About us

Standing out is very important for companies. Users are no longer just looking for information, they want to be entertained. In the past this was easy, just having a web page was enough to stand out. Not anymore, these days good design has become common. The problem is, it all looks and feels the same. When we started using computers we took media (news papers, magazines, video, images) and put them online. At Moos.app we believe that a new medium (the computer) should bring a new kind of media.


We are a small startup from the netherlands that is taking on these challenges. The last couple of years phones have become much faster, low level rendering api support is now common, the web has really taken off. We think the time is right for a revolution.

We have build

Design tool

turn a design file into an immersive interactive experience

Hosting platform

remove the hassle around hosting, publish with one click


bring a community together around our goals

We've got many great ideas for the future and we welcome designers, journalists, marketeers and others to join us in our journey.

"An experiencepicture is worth a thousand pictureswords"
— Thomas Welter (founder Moos.app)

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