Regular design tools turn your design into a static image. is a design tool that turns your static design into a personalized, responsive, interactive, animated web experience.


In 2022 design tools either export static images or video. We are building a design tool from the ground up for creating interactive dynamic experiences for the web such as:

scrollables interactive e-books presentations product configurators custom event maps live sport score boards animated infographics banner ads dynamic hero images wire frames web app prototypes data visualizations generative art carousel journalistic articles company dashboards explainers personalized illustrations games web pages ecommerce stores performance art


Digital design agencies can catch a glimpse of our tool today by creating animated scrollables.

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We've created some examples to show you what's possible.


This example shows a flying car product. While scrolling through the page you see the car in multiple positions while the rotors are turning.

The car feels alive and responsive to your actions. It is as if the dealer walks you around the car in real time instead of someone sending you pictures.

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Moos x3

This phone disassembly example combines the best of text and visuals for an explanation.

You can execute each step at your own speed but the visuals also give you subtle hints such as: which way to turn a bolt or how to pull out a part. The camera also zooms in when more detail is needed.

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In the future we imagine our tool being used by designers, marketeers, journalists and artists.

We think our tool is especially useful for digital agencies at this point. Are you a digital agency and are you excited about this tool?

More examples

Our tool supports many more behaviors than just scrollables. Here are some more examples.


Each transition in this presentation is different. background colors fade, bubbles move and icons are drawn.

Building these advanced transitions is super simple in our tool.

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Animated ad

Our tool has a keyframe editor built in. This ad feels like a video but is actually driven by vector graphics. This means sharper edges, smaller file sizes and faster load times.

You can also personalize your ad for each viewer, for example by localizing prizes or offering dark/light mode depending on browser settings.

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Event map

With the built in map behavior creating maps becomes really easy. Just import your map and our tool takes care of the interactions such as zooming and panning.

It is even possible to add more details to your map as you zoom in.

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10 examples of online interactive experiences

Most websites today look static and flat. It does not have to be like that. The following websites deliver memorable interactive experiences that invite you to act...

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How it works takes your existing design in SVG format and let's you add motion to it, this is how it works:

1.Import design files

You can import SVG files, images or create basic shapes like polylines, rectangles, circles and text.

2.Animate objects

Move, rotate, scale, opacity and other properties can all be changed and animated.

3.Choose track behavior

Think of it as a template for behavior. It determines how your users interact with your project.


Retrieve a link you can give to others, embed or export a self contained HTML file you can give to ad networks or serve yourself.


One click publish

publishing gives you a unique link you can share with others, or embed into a web page.

No code required

Zero lines of code needed to create interactive experiences.

Desktop & Mobile

All projects automatically work on mobile and desktop.

SVG Import

Use your favorite design tool to design your visualization, then import a SVG.

Import Images

JPG and PNG images can be dragged right into the application.


Timeline editor with keyframes and easing functions


Every property like position or rotation can be driven by an expression such as (1 + 2) * 3.

good SEO

All text, scene names, subtitles and buttons can be read by search engines.


Prefers reduced motion is respected. Screen readers can read all text and buttons.

Excellent browser support

All modern browsers supported and good performance on underpowered mobile devices.

Live data

When embedding a project developers can send data to it with a single line of code.


Add buttons that link to other scenes or that open web pages.

Small file size

The exported project is often much smaller than the same thing as an image.

Progressive loading

Objects are shown while downloading instead of waiting for the whole page to load.


Annotate your project with subtitles.

Our goals

Standing out is very important for companies. Users are no longer just looking for information, they want to be entertained. In the past this was easy, just having a web page was enough to stand out. Not anymore, these days...

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Receive emails about new features, company updates and cool projects (max 1/month).