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Per hour of application usage
Per project per month (max 1MB size, max 10.000 views)


Will accidentally leaving the app open cause a huge bill?

No, the app checks for activity every 10 min and stops the timer if it notices you've been inactive.

How much do I pay when I remove a project after a couple of hours?

The project price will be proportional to the amount of time it was on our server. If you remove a project after 5 hours that will cost you around --.

What happens when I go over the max size or max views for a project?

Then the project price will be multiplied. Example: A project that uses 1.5MB (500kb over) of storage and has 15.000 views (5000 over) costs 2 * 2 * projectPrice = -- per month.

What if I don't use the application in a given month?

You only pay for what you use. If you don't use the application we won't charge you the hourly fee. You will still be charged for each project.

When do you charge my card?

We send you a billing report from the previous calendar month at the start of the current calendar month and charge your card a week later.

What is Paddle?

Paddle is our payment provider and acts as a merchant of record for our service.

What is the minimum billing amount?

The minimum amount we charge is --. If you stay below that amount the bill will be skipped to the next month.

Do you offer refunds?

We generally do not offer refunds except in some special occasions. Contact us if you think your case is such a special occasion.

What if I don't agree with the billed amount?

Please contact us at [email protected].

How do I remove my account?

You can remove your account in the app. We will charge your card one last time and remove all of your projects. We are legally required to keep your payment data for at least 7 years. Read more about it in our privacy policy.

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